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Our courses are designed and taught by Antony Slumbers and Dror Poleg, two of the world’s leading experts about the future of real estate. Interact with the teachers on live video sessions and get to know fellow participants through group activities and discussions. 

3 Weeks, Everything you Need to Know

Weekly activities consist of video presentations, readings, group projects, and a live Q&A session — a commitment of 3-4 hours per week.

Overview: Technology's Impact on Real Estate

How is technology redefining the fundamental assumptions behind physical buildings?

Understanding Jargon & Terminology

What’s the difference between AI and an API? And how does it impact NOI?

Technology's Impact on Demand for Offices and Homes

How is technology changing the way people work, live, and socialize and what they expect from their buildings and providers?

Technology's Impact on the Supply of Offices and Homes

What do the office and residential communities of the future look like? What does it take to attract the best customers?

Data: Collection, Analysis, and Protection

How can we learn more about our market and customers? How to do so safely and avoid the loss of trust?

Pricing, Valuing, and Financing Innovation

Who pays for all the new services? How does flexibility impact the value of offices? How to finance it all?

Sustainability, Wellbeing, and Broader Impact

What can we do to make our offices and homes better for their users and society at large?

Creating a Roadmap for your Company or Career

How to translate all these insights into a practical plan? What should YOU focus your efforts on?

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